By way of introduction

Hi there and welcome to the homepage of mat catastrophe. It's been quite a good long time since I did a proper homepage, but I've almost got enough going on that I feel I can justify it.

of the mat

So, I guess there won't be a whole lot to this section, aside from pointing you over to your right, where you will find links to the interesting areas of my webspace, which for redundancy's sake I am going to go ahead and get into detail here. Redundancy is sometimes OK.

What you should know about me

Well, my name really is mat - although catastrophe is just a pseudonym I picked up several years ago. As I recall (although the IMDB does not back me up on this), there was a crew member or minor player in a Russ Meyer flick named Eddie Catastrophe. Of course, I was in college at the time, which means I was watching that film with either no sleep or really drunk, so who knows? I'm approaching 30, which means I should know better than to have a silly pseudonym, but I should also know better than to waste time on the internet, as well. And that's about all the personal info you are going to get about me right now.

So many fingers for so many pies

So, here's the few things I've got going on around here that I feel alright mentioning to you all. Sure, it's not much, and some of it is almost in an alpha state, pending a time where I have enough money/time/energy to really get it all running correctly.

So, here's my little "projects":

  • Every once in awhile, I violate the AUP of my ISP and run a shoutcast server, so everyone in the world can share in my crappy taste in music.
  • More often than webcasting, I manage to update my "blog," a word I still feel dirty using. At any rate, I call it Nihilism for Dummies! and it's a laugh riot, for sure. In the future, NFD is going to be replaced or expanded into a couple of different little sub-blogs (crap, that sounds utterly stupid), depending on whether or not I find a way to do it that I like.
  • Because I'm a total scene-whore, I just registered an IRC channel for the local music scene here in WNC (hm, a giveaway of my general location, egads). So, if you are inclined to visit, have at it. Worst case scenarion is that I'll ban you for being an outsider.

Obligatory Nonsense

Who the hell is mat catastrophe?
Are you really this much of a prick in real life?
Surfing in from a search result and not finding it?

Obligatory Links Area

Below are some links to some people's stuff that I think you should check out after/during your stay here. Money back guarantee.

OK, it's just two links for now. Eat me. You want a link here, email me.