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Welcome to the Asheville Rock Internet Relay Chat Homepage

Welcome to #ashevillerock, an IRC channel hosted on the slashnet IRC servers and meant for past and present users of (and all the other area boards).

By way of brief introductions, IRC stands for Internet Relay Chat. To make a very long story short, it's just one of the older ways that people use to chat online. If you've ever participated in a group room on AOL's Instant Messenger, then you will be fairly familiar with the concept. IRC is wildly different from the IM client, though, and requires a little bit more effort to have a good chat experience. But, it also offers some more flexibility in what you can do with it.

This site, nor the chat channel on slashnet, are officially maintained by, or affiliated with AshevilleRock, nor is Sean responsible for anything that happens there. The founder and primary chanop for #ashevillerock is mat catastrophe, so mail me if you have an IRC issue.

Speaking of being the chanop, you might need to know what that means (in case you cannot guess). It is Channel Operator, and it means that I have the ability to kick you, ban you, or both, depending on how I feel at the moment. If you get kicked, you can always come back (as quickly as you can log back in), but if you get banned then you are just flat screwed, unless you can get the slashnet people themselves on your side.

What gives, baby?

I know this page is getting some hits, but no one seems willing to do the chit-chat. I know that IRC isn't as deadsexy as AIM or as "fun" as a messageboard - but, hell, it's like any party you've ever been to; if enough people show up, it's gonna be fun.

I want to know why you don't want to try it. Maybe then I can address all that here. Dig?

Quick Review! - homepage for the servers hosting #ashevillerock
mIRC - mIRC, the client I use for Internet Relay Chat. It's free, unless you want to make a donation to the author
IRC Help - another good IRC-related resource
mat's quickstart for mIRC