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What is this nonsense?

Nihilism for Dummies is a "weblog" that looks at, in rough and compressed fashion, current events from a decidely pseudo-nihilistic point of view. This is not meant to be "high-minded" or "insightful" - it's mostly just an online journal of thoughts and notes. I don't really pretend to be one of those "bloggers," who are busy pretending to change the online media world. I'm just a guy who writes for the amusement of the occassional visitor.

If you came here looking for good, old-fashioned information on nihilism, you are just plain out of luck. But, you can read this amusing Primer on Nihilism over at blogspot.

Quote of the Day:

(or longer, if I don't change it)

"The candidate does not speak for the campaign."

Tucker Bounds, adviser to John McCain. Unfortunately, this quote is not directly sourced but he supposedly said this on Fox News. Go figure.

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Going back to this tracker, temporarily. Still, though, please actually take a minute to mail me if you wander in here and tell me what you think. It can't get better if I do this in a vacuum. Unless, you know, it's one of those Dyson vacs - cause those are sweet. We've got one, you know...

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Hi. If it's your first time here, please check the archive. I've been a lazy sod for ages now but I'm probably going to start again soon.

Yes, I have been saying that for years. Why?

Useless Info:

This site, despite a paltry 1000 or so hits since May 2005 is still the number two search result on google for the phrase "Nihilism for Dummies." For a long time, it was the number one result. The moral of the story? Nihilists certainly don't waste time writing primers on nihilism.

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Write to me and tell me that I am cynical, depressing and a pessimist and I will write back agreeing with every word!

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